From Threads to Codes: A Fashion Designer’s Journey into Mobile Development

Following her secondary school ambitions, Ogechi wanted to study medicine and surgery at the university, but life had other plans.

5 min readJul 5, 2023
Enyata Interview with Ogechi

Ogechi has been a senior mobile developer at Enyata for three years now. She shares her story about how she discovered the path to mobile development in a recent interview.

Hi Ogechi. Can you introduce yourself?
Hi, my name is Ogechi Anita Chiama. I am a zoologist by certification, but a tech sis by experience. I currently work with Enyata as a mobile developer.

Zoology? Wow! You don’t strike one as someone who would study Zoology. What motivated you?
During secondary school, my ultimate ambition was to study medicine and surgery. However, due to a one-year delay in securing admission, I felt frustrated. Determined to continue my education and accomplish something worthwhile, I decided to pursue a pre-degree in science. I applied to both Nnamdi Azikiwe University and the University of Benin, selecting medicine and surgery as my first choices.

Unfortunately, I didn’t receive admission for medicine and surgery at either university. Instead, I was offered a spot in zoology at Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Although it wasn’t my initial choice, I embraced the opportunity and completed my degree.

Upon graduating, I faced the reality that the job market for zoology-related positions in Nigeria was limited. It was disheartening to encounter a lack of opportunities in my chosen field. It was at this point that I realized I needed to pivot and pursue a different career path. After careful consideration, I decided to pursue my passion for fashion and become a fashion designer.

I would like to believe a career as a fashion designer was quite interesting to you
Laughs…I entered the field of fashion design because I wanted to try new things while waiting for my NYSC posting. This decision was motivated by a desire to explore my creative side and escape from the monotony of staying indoors.

But when I received my call-up letter for the NYSC program, I had to make a difficult decision to put my aspirations for fashion design on hold. Even though I had advanced as a beginner, I was unable to envision a long-term career as a fashion designer. I knew deep down that I wanted something unusual and substantial.

Speaking about doing something substantial, Did becoming a mobile developer help you reach fulfillment?
Becoming a mobile developer has been an incredibly fulfilling journey for me. Initially, I never imagined myself pursuing a career in the tech industry, as my knowledge of the field was limited. However, everything changed when my friend Richard introduced me to Deborah Enoma, a talented professional working with Andela, who generously shared her expertise in web development.

I vividly remember receiving a book on HTML and CSS from Deborah, and my curiosity drove me to dive into the world of coding. Surprisingly, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the learning process. What began as an unexpected path quickly became a passion as I continued to develop my skills.

The journey to becoming a mobile developer has been marked by growth, resilience, and a deep sense of fulfillment. The fulfillment I have found in this field is immeasurable, and I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the ever-evolving world of technology

I am curious: what type of mobile developer are you?
My journey in mobile development began with Android Native, where I focused on building applications specifically for Android devices. This involved utilizing programming languages like Java and Kotlin to create robust and tailored experiences for Android users.

As I continued to explore the world of mobile development, I ventured into hybrid app development. This led me to discover Flutter, a powerful framework that allows developers to build applications for both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously. With Flutter, I could leverage a single codebase to develop two distinct apps, providing a more efficient and streamlined development process.

It’s safe to say I am a full-stack mobile developer because I have gained the ability to create cross-platform applications that reach a wider audience, including users of both Android and iOS devices.

Being a woman in a male-dominated space, How have you been able to rise above the status quo?
The challenges of being a woman in the male-dominated tech industry are real, but I think they can be overcome with persistence and a positive attitude. Key tactics I employ to overcome the status quo include creating a strong network, constantly improving my skills, seizing opportunities, advocating for inclusion, and having confidence in myself.

While there may be challenges along the way, it’s crucial to keep in mind that success has no gender. I can surpass the status quo and make significant contributions in the male-dominated IT industry by being resolute, certain, and focused.

Interesting… What emerging technology do you think would change the course of your career as a mobile developer?
As a mobile developer, I believe that the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has the potential to significantly transform the course of my career. The automation and intelligent decision-making capabilities offered by AI can streamline and enhance various aspects of mobile development. By leveraging AI technology, tasks that are currently performed manually could be automated, leading to increased efficiency and productivity. This includes areas such as code generation, testing, debugging, and even app personalization based on user behaviour and preferences. Advancements in AI have the potential to revolutionize the mobile development process and enable developers to create more intelligent and sophisticated applications.

What advice will you give to women who want to transition to mobile development?
The key lies in dedication, persistence, and a willingness to learn. The tech industry thrives on diversity and welcomes individuals from various backgrounds. Remember that every time you waste your energy worrying about mistakes you make while transitioning into tech or another tech sector, you are merely distracting yourself from advancing yourself.

For Ogechi, coming into the tech space was not premeditated; it is safe to say the tech chose her. Feel free to connect with Ogechi; click on the link here.

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